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How to Help Raise Hope, On A Monday Morning!

Beverly Bell just posted an amazing, inspiring interview with Gerardo Cerdas at Raising Hope Across the Borders: Transnational Social Movements and Power Gerardo Cerdas is coordinator of the Latin American- and Caribbean-wide social movement Grito de los Excluidos, Cry of the Excluded. He is also a sociologist and researcher. A native of Costa Rica, Cerdas lives […]

What Does Soft Fascism Look Like These Days?

We don’t see brown shirts and jackboots, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t seeing the de-democratization of our society. In Vancouver this month, armed police with guns drawn, raided a house because they suspected people inside not of being terrorists, but of spray painting “No Pipelines” all over the place. Read Police raid house in […]

Slut Shaming, And Other Idiocy

Welcome to the cusp of spring-summer. Now that the weather is turning, the slut shaming and attacks on women’s clothing choices will ramp up. In Labrador, 28 girls were sent home from school because their clothing contravened the dress code. They also sent home two boys whose shirts bared their shoulders. 47% of those voting […]

A Little Bit of Civil Terrorism…

A little bit of civil terrorism keeps the population docile, afraid of irrational and unjust behaviour from law enforcement [sic] but hey, it helps us all live more peacefully because if you’re not a terrorist, you have nothing to fear from police terrorism via unconstitutional and racially discriminatory persecution. Right? Nope: “We’re going to go […]

The Protest and Popular Assembly (Plenum) Movement in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Get up to speed with this interview with Politics, Re-Spun contributor Jasmin Mujanovic on the protest and popular assembly (plenum) movement in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Bosnia’s protest movement is already receiving less media coverage, with some declaring the end of the ‘Bosnian spring’.  But the causes behind the ongoing protests are complex, and neither the causes nor […]

Occupy, For Democracy

When I write about soft fascism, I sometimes feel too Canadian. I don’t want to be impolite and talk about hard or old school or 20th century fascism because frankly, when people read that word, they think, “hey, is he talking about Hitler kinda stuff? Ok, then, so it’s not fascism.” It is though. You […]

Protest Vancouver Police Brutality, 2014 Edition

How many times do you think you deserve to be kneed in the back while you’re already subdued by police on the sidewalk, face-down? Once? Twice? Does it make any difference if you’re a minor? Or if you were documenting police actions at a May Day march? Well, while many of us were on The […]

Occupy Vancouver: It Lives!

It was warm and sunny at Grandview Park last night when Occupy Vancouver rebooted, in a modest way with 5 people talking about what Occupy means, how to communicate with our communities and what to do next. We talked about Occupy from 2.5 years ago to now, the Wave of Action initiative that is rebooting […]

Occupy Vancouver Reboots Tonight!

Occupy Vancouver reboots tonight to join the worldwide #WaveOfAction that began on April 4 and runs [at least] to July 4, 2014. We will meet in Grandview Park on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish territories. 615pm is the start time, though honestly, I’ll be there a bit early. With my Occupy Vancouver […]

Occupy Vancouver Reboots Tomorrow: A Primer

Some thoughts as we countdown to the reboot of Occupy Vancouver at 615pm tomorrow night at Grandview Park. Come join us with your ideas: Mine are all about seeking equality and justice: economically, socially, politically and environmentally. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is an inspiring classic. Some agree with it, some disagree. Some paint it […]