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Did Earth Day Not Quite Do It For You This Year?

Some years, Earth Day clicks for people in a profound way. I’ve spoken to a few who were distinctly non-plussed with how things didn’t come together for them and their dreams this year. If you need some optimism for the rest of your week, check out this compendium. Pay attention to the ages of those […]

A Pinterest is Worth 1,000 Blogs

OK, maybe not, but let’s try this. I’ve been trying to figure out how Pinterest could complement this website. We’ve kicked it around and ended up speechless. Which is appropriate. See below. I was asking the wrong question. And since I slid into Pinterest this week I can see that it is a silence generator. […]

Braids, Lights, Grimes: Canada’s Electronic Forces

There is some great art/electronic music coming out of Canada lately. Lights seems to be quite well known. Grimes, now out of Tokyo, is rising in recognition as a talented musician, who has a nice vibe of offering us to download her music by donation. They are making Canadians proud that their particular talent comes […]

Politics, Re-Spun Catches Up with Art for Impact, and Ou(x)po

On December 3, 2012, Politics, Re-Spun’s Kevin Harding spoke with Natalie Gan and Andrew Hawryshkewich about Art for Impact and its ninth show, Ou(x)po, which took place on December 8, 2012 at the Russian Hall. Catch up on Art for Impact and their shows on the podcast, with some Rage Against the Machine for fun at the […]

No, Taylor Swift. No.

[Here is what some of us have been wanting to say about Taylor Swift, but didn't because A. Lynn did it first, and perhaps best, reposted her with her kind permission. Thanks to Jarrah Hodge for pointing us to this piece of brilliance! Enjoy! - seb] I’ve been mentally composing this blog for forever and […]

Art for Impact presents: Ou(x)po, Dec 8

If you live in the Vancouver area and enjoy arts of all flavours, and contributing to amazing causes, you will absolutely want to check out Ou(x)po, Art for Impact’s ninth show, upcoming on December 8. Here are some details: Join Art for Impact at Ou(x)po What: Art for Impact’s ninth event – Ou(x)po ! (oo-EX-poh) Where: Russian Hall […]

Call for Artists – Art for Impact 9: Ou(x)po

Art for Impact is a volunteer-run organization established in 2008 that raises awareness and funds for humanitarian and environmental issues, both local and international, through interdiscplinary art events. Art for Impact aims to bring wider community support for the arts while promoting and celebrating art’s capacity for social change. Art for Impact is seeking artists of […]

Sounds from the Diaspora: Asia Indie Music in Canada

Youtube has propelled Asian talents like Kina Grannis, Andrew Garcia, and Clara C to the forefront of DIY music fame. These Californian artists have garnered an overwhelming share of social media attention and it begs the question: do Canada’s indie industries compare? Are we capable of producing our own indie, Asian music celebrities? We know that the […]

Quebec singer Ariane Moffat releases single against Bill 78

Via OpenFileMontreal: Quebec singer Ariane Moffat has released a song, entitled “Jeudi 17 mai 2012″, which is targeted squarely at the Charest government’s emergency law Bill 78. Chanteuse québécoise Ariane Moffat a lancé une chanson, “jeudi 17 mai 2012.” Cette chanson est contre la Loi 78, enactée en réponse des manifestations contre l’hausse de scolarité. […]

Yas A., Kagan Goh and Carmen Aguirre: Monday at 6pm on COOP Radio

Monday night at 6pm on The Rational on COOP Radio [livestreamed], 102.7fm in/around Vancouver: Alnoor Gova interviews Kagan Goh and Imtiaz Popat about the world television premier of their documentary Stolen Memories on Sunday, March 4th at 9pm on OMNI TV. Alnoor Gova also has the sublime opportunity to interview the renaissance woman Carmen Aguirre, […]