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What Do We Do About Those Pesky, Apathetic Non-Voters?

I have heard lots of people blaming the following people for why we didn’t get a positive change in government in BC three weeks ago:

  1. apathetic, nihilistic young people
  2. apathetic people who don’t follow politics
  3. apathetic people who simply don’t vote
  4. bad people who generally don’t care about a better world.

But what really happened in the election? And why are people not voting?

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Live-Blogging the Next BC Government

Here we are: only hours to go until the polls close.

What will be the next BC government?

What are your hopes, fears, dreams, goals?

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Please add in your comments below

  1. What are your seat predictions?
  2. What do you think will be the final popular vote results?
  3. Will Christy Clark lose her seat?
  4. If the Liberals lose, will Christy Clark (a) resign tonight, (b) vow to rebuild the party, or (c) take time to reflect on her future?

You can read our liveblog after the jump – it starts with cautious optimism, anxiety, and some cynicism, and ends with crying.

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Breaking Spin-Watch: Rat(s) Off A Ship? John van Dongen Crosses The Floor

In a somewhat surprising move, Abbotsford-South MLA John van Dongen rose in the Legislature in BC today and delivered a blistering critique of Christy Clark’s BC Liberal government, and then announced that he would cross the floor to join the fledgling BC Conservative Part..

van Dongen’s speech included an indictment of the government’s write-off of six million dollars to pay the Basi-Virk BC Rail Trial legal fees, and the disastrous handling of the Telus naming rights.

Spinners were already in action, with Shachi Kurl saying “who didn’t see that coming?”

Keep your eyes open for more – van Dongen says more is coming, and blogger Alex Tsakumis, who while I’m not the biggest fan, has said more MLAs are thinking of crossing.

This is particularly interesting given two byelections in full force; what effect will a wounded BC Liberal Party have in Chilliwack-Hope, already expected to be a battle between the BC Conservatives and the NDP, despite being a steady BC Liberal riding for some time?

Update:  Continue reading Breaking Spin-Watch: Rat(s) Off A Ship? John van Dongen Crosses The Floor