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Deconstructing the Wildrose Effect

So what happened in Alberta’s election yesterday, other than people telling pollsters that they want change, then chickening out when it came time to mark an X. The Politics, Re-spun crew deconstructs the Wildrose effect here:

Breaking Spin-Watch: Rat(s) Off A Ship? John van Dongen Crosses The Floor

In a somewhat surprising move, Abbotsford-South MLA John van Dongen rose in the Legislature in BC today and delivered a blistering critique of Christy Clark’s BC Liberal government, and then announced that he would cross the floor to join the fledgling BC Conservative Part.. van Dongen’s speech included an indictment of the government’s write-off of […]

News of the World, Kai Nagata & the Omnibus Crime Bill

No, this isn’t a game of “One of These Things Is Not Like the Others”, ‘though I’m sure to suffer from the catchy tune playing in a loop in my head for the next several hours.  Trust me, it’s more like a game of Tri Bond.  If you have been off planet, embedded in an […]

SFPIRG: We stand in solidarity with CUPE 3338 and oppose the “reprehensible” recommendation to evict SFPIRG

The following is a quote from SFPIRG’s announcement to students, members, and supporters, posted on its website at  It is republished on in solidarity and to spread the word. SFPIRG stands in solidarity with and extends our full support to SFSS staff, members of CUPE 3338, who have been locked out of their […]

SFSS CUPE 3338 Lockout “either ignorance or malicious denigration of their vital work”: SFU student

The following open letter to the SFU community was written by SFU student Emma Noonan, originally titled “In Support of a Livable World” and originally published here. It is republished on PoliticsRespun with permission. On Sunday, July 10, 2011 at 2:13pm, the SFSS Board of Directors issued notice that they were locking out the staff […]

We are “refusing to cross picket lines”: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Student Union and the SFSS CUPE Lockout

This open letter was originally written by Chelsea Mackay and the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Student Student, published originally here and republished on with permission. Dear SFSS Board Members and President Jeff McCann, The Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Student Union (GSWSSU) has been blindsided by the recent lockout of CUPE 3338 workers […]

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose”; or, how to ideologically re-structure your student society: a beginner’s guide: the SFSS CUPE Lockout

By Joel Blok, originally published here.  This summer five years ago, the Board of Directors of the SFSS suspended its office staff, barring them from entering their offices and sending them home.  This past Thursday, a different board issued a lockout notice to its office staff, preventing them from work. In 2006, the rhetorical justification […]

Harper, Hypocrisy, Syria, and Degrees of Freedom

Yesterday I lifted my head from some work to watch the Ottawa journalists in Twitter filling us all in on John Baird’s first press conference as the majority Conservative government’s Foreign Affairs minister. They noted he read from the speech: very odd. It was a signal of a new degree of hypocritical oddity now besetting […]

All’s Not Right: Splitting The Conservative Vote

People who are willing to listen to me rant and foam at the mouth about politics (not as large a population as you might think) have heard two consistent messages from me over the last few elections. One: Canada needs more than one right-wing party. The Conservatives are currently the only game running for right-leaning […]

2011 Class Warriors Include Anonymous and the Uncut Movement

Today’s note is simple. It’s big picture context. On one hand we have: 30 years of neoliberalism, with the Conservative-Liberal passive coalition in Ottawa, a Democrat or maybe Republican Lite in the White House after the Bush years, the Tea Party, anti-worker legislation in Wisconsin and Ohio, developed countries bailing out capitalist fraudsters to keep […]