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TFWP: How Racist is Canada?

Here’s one way to tell how racist a person/nation is. Have them read this excerpt and see if they fly into a rage about “those” people, or just come up with economic arguments to keep “them” out. Hopefully, everyone you know will nod and say, “obviously!” Since this is a chronically underpopulated country with an […]

Slut Shaming, And Other Idiocy

Welcome to the cusp of spring-summer. Now that the weather is turning, the slut shaming and attacks on women’s clothing choices will ramp up. In Labrador, 28 girls were sent home from school because their clothing contravened the dress code. They also sent home two boys whose shirts bared their shoulders. 47% of those voting […]

Poor Kids, Poor Families and Shame

“When Centennial’s students found out Seymour couldn’t hold a pyjama day because many students didn’t have pyjamas, they fundraised to buy every Seymour student a pair last Christmas.” – When the Field Trip’s Too Pricey, Students ‘Self-Exclude’ When parents receive letters from their kids’ school asking for donations for playground upgrades or library books or […]

Honing In On Friday’s #WaveOfAction

We need to think about two things for this Friday’s Occupy Movement reboot in the Worldwide #WaveOfAction: When thinking about pursuing social, political and economic equality, what is the list of things we need to change, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally? Who do we need to build coalitions with to listen to them, support them, […]

Yes, Your Parents’ Standard of Living Was Better

Yes, your parents’ standard of living was better, so what are you going to do about it? When I was growing up in the 1970s, most [maybe 80%?] of my friends had a mom who stayed home and didn’t work. Over the last 40 years the proportion of single income households seems to have flipped […]

Don’t Tolerate Ignorance About the Minimum Wage

Hello. It’s Friday. For many people it’s TGIF. But for many people who aren’t even teenagers, the work week isn’t ending today. We often THINK minimum wage is for the new entries to the job market. Maybe it was one day. Maybe just for one day. But today? If it isn’t a living wage, it’s […]

The Future of Feminism Is Now

There seems to be a bit of an epidemic of young women and men rejecting the necessity of exploring or embracing feminism. Maybe it’s like similarly misguided ideas like how we don’t need unions anymore. But when you encounter young people who get it, really really get it, it gives you hope for the future. […]

Fixing Gender Inequality: Thursday Night in Kamloops

If you think it’s just sweet and fine for women to earn on average about 30% less than men, then you can leave this website and never come back. Good, glad you’re still here. In Kamloops, this Thursday night you have the opportunity to be inspired, motivated and empowered by someone with passion and great […]

Remembering Eric Buckley

My uncle died Friday. His more formal obituaries are here and here. But here are some of my less formal memories, some of which, happily, showed up in the official ones. :) My family spent many vacations with his family at their home in the 1970s. Many of my memories of the 1970s came from […]

This Week Will Clobber You, Politically

I apologize in advance, British Columbia. This will be the week from hell, and it started yesterday while we were all Family Day-ing. Hold your breath: