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Israel: Rogue State

Why It Matters That Norman Finkelstein Just Got Arrested Outside the Israeli Consulate

Israel has the right to defend itself.

Arguably, so does every nation.

Israel, however, gets a free pass for going well beyond defending itself.

I’ll leave the West Bank alone right now.


  1. Is an open-air prison, walled off by Israel.
  2. Is under an economic embargo.
  3. Is barred from importing and exporting.
  4. Recently saw its Gaza Ark bombed. Twice.
  5. Has had its children, hospitals, university, homes, beach soccer-playing teen boys, and hundreds of civilians systemically targeted and bombed/murdered.
  6. Makes people feel uncomfortable when they see pictures of dead Gazan children in the Twitter. Even though this kind of reality journalism helped end the Vietnam nightmare.
  7. Is monstrously outgunned by Israel, which is armed by the USA and others.
  8. Is defined as a terrorist region despite the massive power/economic/military imbalance.
  9. Is invaded and occupied by settlers.
  10. Is a daily paradox: Israel wants them gone so they can have the land/resources, but they aren’t allowing the Gazans to leave. So is the goal to kill them all?
  11. Is the thorn in the side of the quaint, deflecting notion of a two-state solution. Why would Israel seek peace and a two-state solution when it out-guns the Palestinians, gets billions a year in military funding and virtually carte blanche support from many other nations, even when they indiscriminately murder children.

So, don’t expect the Israeli crimes against humanity in Gaza to stop any time soon, unless Israel decides to stop.

And considering all this, Israel is constantly shocked that Hamas fights back.

The nerve of them!

James Moore and “precision” in Gaza-Israel

James Moore was on¬†CBC radio in Vancouver this morning talking about the “difference” between Hamas rocket launches from Gaza and Israeli operations into Gaza.

Per Moore, Hamas’ attacks are indiscriminate, and are simply aimed at civilians to do the most damage. Conversely, according to Moore, Israel’s attacks are “pinpoint precision” and are specifically targeted at combatants, not civilians.

Let’s¬†review the numbers, though, shall we? According to the Gaza medical authorities and the UN, there are nearly 800 people killed in Gaza so far, will all but about 150 being civilians. Roughly 81% civilian deaths. There have been about 30 Israeli deaths, all but 3 soldiers. 90% combatant deaths.

Equivalency isn’t something I’m arguing here – there should be no more deaths. But James Moore’s pronouncement that Israel’s attacks are solidly different because they’re more targeted is questionable, at best.

Politics, Re-Spun on The Rational on Co-op Radio, March 12 Lineup

Politics, Re-Spun is on The Rational on Coop Radio on Monday, March 12, 2012 from 6pm to 7pm with an intriguing lineup! Listen live online or at 102.7fm in the Vancouver area.

Here’s the lineup:

1. Dylan Penner will talk with Stephen Elliott-Buckley about the Canadian Boat for Gaza: why, what happened, what’s happening now and what’s in store for the future?

2. Greg Felton will talk with Alnoor Gova about the NDP and Israel.

3. The first of 3 parts of a conversation between Stephen Elliott-Buckley and Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council President Cliff Atleo. Topics orbit around the greater relationship between “Canada” and First Nations, in this era of post-Attawapiskat media concentration. Plus forestry, fishing and living holistically with each other and our world.