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This Week Will Clobber You, Politically

I apologize in advance, British Columbia. This will be the week from hell, and it started yesterday while we were all Family Day-ing. Hold your breath:

The Media Corruption Trifecta!

It’s a trifecta of moral corruption! Rex Murphy shills for Big Oil and Gas. Postmedia consigns its editorial control to the Oil and Gas Lobby[TM]. Postmedia, naturally, fires one of the best energy/environment reporters in the nation. Film at 11. Ok, it’s 11. Let’s drill down.

Can We Stop Treating Women Like Meat? Now? Maybe? Please?

[UPDATED, see below] It’s nothing new, but when can media just stop. Maybe when it’s no longer profitable? We need a revolution in media by boycotting all venues that perpetuate the women-as-sex-meat theme. Here’s what’s new, this time with Eugenie Bouchard and Cate Blanchett.

How to Spot a Good Journalist

It’s getting harder and harder, what with constant corporate media concentration, and corporatist convergence of messaging from right wing governments and their informal corporate media PR departments. But everyone once in a while we see evidence that there is a growing number of journalists who exist with integrity and can demonstrate meaningful contribution to society: […]

Curing Gender Imbalance in Media? MONEY!

The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees. Media corporations love their money. And in a sexist society, common sense indicates that movies with lots of testosterone and no whiny women should make more money. That may have been true at some point, but as of […]

What Does Post-Corporate Media Look Like?

I know you’re wondering. But it’s hard to imagine. Kind of like a fish imagining life without water. We’ve known corporate media for generations. Since the advent of psychology and marketing, the influence/manipulation of corporate media is ubiquitous. And not in a good way. But let’s take a few moments to imagine the features of […]

The Real Reason We Need to Get Rid of Corporate Media

While I’m also sad that the Kamloops Daily News is closing, I think Warren Kinsella is over-simplifying a few things [see below] with respect to how the media climate will be affected by the closing of this for-profit business, earning shareholder value by producing mass media content, while sometimes allowing its corporate revenue-generating employees to […]

Turning Points: Pot and Less Trust in Corporate Media

Turning points. Here are two graphs that show a changing tide. I have already written about trust in corporate media tanking. Now we can see a turned tide in pot use. And in Canada prostitution is no longer illegal. We are either entering a time of abject moral decay, or a shift away from uptightness.

Fixing Cyncial Corporate Media

Corporate news media is not on our side. It is on the side of stoking fear, cynically eroding possibilities of a better, more robust democracy, and scaring us into obedience to corporations and government through sensational stories that undermine our happiness. But we can fix this. And it’s not hard.

The Secret Weapon: Self-Esteem

It’s Monday. Have you contributed positively to a young girl’s self esteem yet today? If not, here is some inspiration and a place to get better resourced!