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Women: The Majority, Not a Media Niche

I couldn’t really fault you if you felt that only about 22% of humanity were women.

If we based it all on how frequently they are represented in politics and the media, we wouldn’t know they made up a 51-ish% majority.

This is why Cate Blanchett and Geena Davis have some words for us all.

And god[dess] help us if we try to contradict them:

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If the 1% Has Russell Brand Killed…

If the 1% has Russell Brand killed, we will see it in the corporate media as a drug OD relapse, or a freak accident.


He is dangerous because he fearlessly tells the truth and challenges pretence.

Let’s examine this in some detail here [with video]:

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Systemic Pressures Make Journalists Sloppy

View image on TwitterGosh, the corporate media sure can be sloppy.

The heart-wrenching photo of a four-year-old Syrian refugee pictured alone crossing a desert into Jordan spread far and wide this weekend, but the fact that his family was just metres away was left behind.

Photo of 4-year-old Syrian refugee triggers sympathy, confusion – Your Community.

But there are systemic pressures that contribute to this kind of sloppy journalism making everyone #FacePalm sometimes:

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This Week Will Clobber You, Politically

Gary Clement/National PostI apologize in advance, British Columbia.

This will be the week from hell, and it started yesterday while we were all Family Day-ing. Hold your breath:

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The Media Corruption Trifecta!

Friends With BenefitsIt’s a trifecta of moral corruption!

  1. Rex Murphy shills for Big Oil and Gas.
  2. Postmedia consigns its editorial control to the Oil and Gas Lobby[TM].
  3. Postmedia, naturally, fires one of the best energy/environment reporters in the nation.

Film at 11.

Ok, it’s 11. Let’s drill down.

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Can We Stop Treating Women Like Meat? Now? Maybe? Please?

Eugenie Bouchard of Canada reacts to a question from with television reporter Sam Smith during a post match interview following her quarterfinal win over Ana Ivanovic of Serbia at the Australian Open tennis championship in Melbourne, Australia, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014. (Andrew Brownbill/AP)
Women-as-sex-meat, 2014 edition begins now. The #FacePalm is appropriate.

[UPDATED, see below]

It’s nothing new, but when can media just stop. Maybe when it’s no longer profitable? We need a revolution in media by boycotting all venues that perpetuate the women-as-sex-meat theme. Here’s what’s new, this time with Eugenie Bouchard and Cate Blanchett.

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How to Spot a Good Journalist

It’s getting harder and harder, what with constant corporate media concentration, and corporatist convergence of messaging from right wing governments and their informal corporate media PR departments.

But everyone once in a while we see evidence that there is a growing number of journalists who exist with integrity and can demonstrate meaningful contribution to society:


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Curing Gender Imbalance in Media? MONEY!

Chart of top 50 box office hits according to whether passed Bechel Test
Movies that pass the Bechdel Test…make…more…money.

The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees.

Media corporations love their money.

And in a sexist society, common sense indicates that movies with lots of testosterone and no whiny women should make more money.

That may have been true at some point, but as of last year, not so much.

Here’s why we know this:

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