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What Yoko Ono Knows About Fracking

Today we are fresh off the tar soaked heels of Enbridge’s lie and spin machine in Kitimat, leading to a vote AGAINST their toxic future. In Kitimat, in a non-binding plebiscite, the people of Kitimat, but not the first peoples who live outside the town boundary, voted about 60-40 to kick out Enbridge. They’re liars, […]

Poor Kids, Poor Families and Shame

“When Centennial’s students found out Seymour couldn’t hold a pyjama day because many students didn’t have pyjamas, they fundraised to buy every Seymour student a pair last Christmas.” – When the Field Trip’s Too Pricey, Students ‘Self-Exclude’ When parents receive letters from their kids’ school asking for donations for playground upgrades or library books or […]

Calling For An Occupy Vancouver General Assembly

[UPDATES below] It’s now Friday, April 4, 2014. Greetings, world, the reboot of the Occupy Movement, the Worldwide #WaveOfAction [follow it live in Twitter here], has begun in a variety of places around the world! And it will last for 3 months while it evolves its next phase. But as it turns out, Vancouver will […]

Honing In On Friday’s #WaveOfAction

We need to think about two things for this Friday’s Occupy Movement reboot in the Worldwide #WaveOfAction: When thinking about pursuing social, political and economic equality, what is the list of things we need to change, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally? Who do we need to build coalitions with to listen to them, support them, […]

Is Your Job Bullshit?

It’s Saturday so it’s the weekend so you’re not working. But that’s just an incorrect hypothesis. Lots of people are working this weekend. In fact, weekends don’t mean much to billions of people. They are a luxury, relatively speaking. But your job may be bullshit, in the context of how our society could/should be operating. […]

Canada Seeks the OECD Record for Income Inequality

Yesterday I wrote about the rebooting of the Occupy Movement in 10 days. I’m very excited. And to help you understand why this is such a big deal, especially in Canada, it’s important to see how Canada is increasingly becoming the poster child for income inequality. We are not nice and neighbourly and friendly. We are […]

Occupy Wall Street Returns. Friday, April 4!

Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of the world, the 99%: Occupy Wall St. returns on Friday, April 4, 2014. And not for one day. But we’re starting with 3 months. Let’s call it a trial marriage. After all, if it fails, the despotic corporate totalitarians who run the world will continue to steal our money and […]

Stephen Harper Fired Jim Flaherty Because of Income Splitting Disloyalty

Seriously, is it me or did Stephen Harper fire Jim Flaherty over his disloyalty over the income splitting policy disaster? Certainly, I haven’t read EVERYthing written this week about dude going back to spend more time with his family private sector, but the finance minister was perhaps the strongest credible threat to Harper’s executive overdrive […]

Stop. Obeying. The. Rich. NOW!

Once upon a time, we were taught to envy and respect our “betters,” like the rich. No more. They’re taking our money and throwing us under the bus every day. And it’s not even just the super-rich or those in America, it’s the aspirational rich; they’re just as toxic. This stops now, it’s time to […]

Yes, Your Parents’ Standard of Living Was Better

Yes, your parents’ standard of living was better, so what are you going to do about it? When I was growing up in the 1970s, most [maybe 80%?] of my friends had a mom who stayed home and didn’t work. Over the last 40 years the proportion of single income households seems to have flipped […]