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Liveblog – BC Civic Election Returms

BC Civic Election Returns

Translink: It’s the policy, that policy won’t change, and there’s no one you can speak to about it.

Pardon me for a rant about my commute. And about Translink. I hardly think it’s acceptable for a public organization that trumpets public consultation, taxes us, is governed by an unelected appointed board, and so on, to say “it’s the policy, that policy won’t change, and there’s no one you can speak to.” I’m currently […]

Policy Wishes For Harry Lali and Mike Farnworth

As the BC NDP leadership race ramps up, it’s time to see how we can improve the candidates’ posture when it comes to policy. Maybe they’re waiting until after the opponents choose their next leader before rolling out real policy depth, but it would be a mistake to wait. There was a consistent criticism of […]

Shame on You, You Ugly, Narcissistic Consumer

Some days it’s hard to make it through the day without something like the [theoretically] “public” transit system trying to shame us as ugly narcissistic consumers with their adcreep, just in time for Christmas! Because we are not beautiful, we need plastic surgery. But we should not brag about it or openly discuss it with […]

TransLink’s New Electronic Fare Card’s Guaranteed Crappy Name

It’s too bad that TransLink has chosen four sad, bland, uninspiring, pseudo-clever names for us all to vote on for the name of their new electronic fare card. In the pre-Expo early 1980s we had a similar naming contest for the Skytrain. Hundreds of amazing suggestions were sent in to government. Grace McCarthy said she […]

Just How Galling is TransLink’s Taxation Without Representation?

I wince in pain every time I board a Skytrain car and see this sign reminding us to keep our transit system clean. The TransLink board is a 21st century example of 18th century taxation without representation as the draconian BC Liberal government altered TransLink’s existence to ensure an appointed board is not accountable to […]

Perspectives on Point Douglas: The Dean Koshelanyk Interview (Winnipeg Votes 2010)

The weeks and months leading up to Winnipeg’s 2010 civic election have been nothing short of a three-ring media circus. High drama, contentious issues, diametrically opposed mayorial candidates locked in a dead heat, scandals: Winnipeg lacks not for schmaltzy political showmanship. The downside of constant pre-election melodrama is that media attention is focused on reactionary […]

TransLink’s Latest Offensive, Manipulative Citizen Survey

Dear Regional Resident, Be a part of TransLink’s on-line advisory panel and get directly involved in the future of transportation in your region. via TransLink Listens. I enjoy doing surveys. I know polling often has more impact on policy choices than voting every 4 years or writing a form email to the premier. TransLink, however, […]

51% of Vancouverites are Visible Minorities: So What?

51% of Vancouver citizens are visible minorities. When are we going to start factoring that into how our city operates from the top down? Yesterday, at the Coalition of Progressive Electors‘ AGM, members elected 12 people to their board. 2/3 of them happen to not be white men; half are women. This is a good […]

COPE 2010 AGM Live-Blogging 2:30 Start

This afternoon at the Japanese Hall in East Vancouver is the Coalition of Progressive Electors‘ 2010 AGM. Below is the live blogging interface. COPE 2010 AGM