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GroupThink ReSpun: On US Police Forces Operating in Canada

We have decided that “GroupThink ReSpun” will be the name of the process whereby various of the Politics, Re-Spun crew collaborate on editorializing about a current event. Enjoy the poetry of the term! So apparently, the RCMP wants to ease into allowing US agents to operate freely in Canada: 1. Do you want to […]

A Happy Birthday for Haiti

So I’ve just turned 45. What a sweet age! Instead of asking people to only bring a quirky 45rpm record to my party next month, I’d rather give people an opportunity to donate money to the Canadian Red Cross for Haitian earthquake relief. As many of you know, the case study in my master’s thesis […]

Occupy the Church, Occupy Together

Christians. Church. God. Jesus. Occupy. What do these words mean to you? For many, the connotations are negative. Personal experiences with judgemental, rigid, frozen people who identify themselves as Christians have left a bitter taste in their mouths. Memories of being harangued, condescended to and lectured linger long after their encounter. Media and political examples […]

Why I Am Going to Attend Occupy Vancouver

I am white, middle class, educated and, by all accounts, an extremely fortunate woman. I live in Canada where my parents’ (sometimes life-threatening) health issues are covered by a provincial medical plan. My water and air are clean, and food is plentiful. My husband and I are employed. I am not desperate, but I am […]

Flexing the Democracy Muscle

It all started last night in Twitter, the trigger of a harmonic convergence of indications that democracy is alive and well in the world. Here’s how it played out: A woman on the news tonight complained that elections are time consuming. I appreciate her concern for my time. via aaronwherry (aaronwherry) on Twitter. Aaron Wherry […]

Guarded Optimism About the Libyan No-Fly Zone

Last Friday was an exciting time for me. Aristide returned to Haiti and the Libyan government declared a ceasefire in its suppression of the democratic revolution/civil war going on there. And I was counting bald eagles in Active Pass. I spent a long time, including the case study of my MA thesis, exploring Canada’s economic […]

2011, The Year of Democracy: Haiti and Libya

Aristide has returned to Haiti in the last hour after Canadian troops, US marines and others kidnapped him almost 85 months ago, with Obama trying to impede his return. Bad move. This morning we are also seeing a Libyan cease fire in response to the UN Security Council’s resolution for a no-fly zone in Libya. […]

2011 Class Warriors Include Anonymous and the Uncut Movement

Today’s note is simple. It’s big picture context. On one hand we have: 30 years of neoliberalism, with the Conservative-Liberal passive coalition in Ottawa, a Democrat or maybe Republican Lite in the White House after the Bush years, the Tea Party, anti-worker legislation in Wisconsin and Ohio, developed countries bailing out capitalist fraudsters to keep […]

Will 2011 Be the Year of Service With Integrity?

“Honour House is a refuge, a place of unity and composure for Canadian Forces personnel, first responders and their families to stay while healing occurs.” – Honour House Society Think of all the people who selflessly serve our country and citizenry, often involving risking their lives. What is their healing worth to us when they […]

Fundraising Douchery: Unicef Canada

Hot on the heels of the piece I wrote for Politics Respun about detrimental fundraising and elementary schools, I’ve found myself angered and annoyed by another form of fundraising that uses the school as a vehicle for driving charitable giving. While I have no problem with fundraising for registered charities as a rule (or even registered […]