MORE Sexism Against Female Canadian Athletes!

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THIS picture respects the dignity of a tennis player. Not, “give us a twirl” demeaning, sexist abuse.

Today is a terrible day for gender equity in sports. What it looks like is either continued sexism, or increased anti-feminist backlash against women who have been asserting their human rights to safety and dignity around the world.

  1. Female World Cup soccer players have to play on plastic artificial turf while the men have played on actual…grass. They started a human rights complaint but have now dropped it.
  2. And last year at the Australian Open, an idiotic [female!] Australian media interviewer asked Genie Bouchard after she won a match who she would date. Because female athletes are meat, right? And today, an idiotic [male] Australian media interview ASKED HER TO GIVE US A TWIRL!

That’s twice in two years that the Australian media are living down to their country’s stereotype of sexist pigs while interviewing her.

I wonder if this media fellow was pondering what he could get her to do and settled for a twirl.

Bouchard later said, “I don’t know, an old guy asking you to twirl. It was funny,” she said. NO ONE should be put into this idiotic position.

This continues to be intolerable!

Yet Another Logistical Solution to Homelessness

So, Utah has been eradicating homelessness by giving people homes. The bonus is that it’s easier and cheaper to provide social services to people when their housing needs are met.

From Amsterdam, we see yet another logistical solution for emergency housing while we have a national dialogue on a national housing plan.

A rich country like Canada should have no difficulty developing a national housing strategy that solves homelessness and unaffordable housing.

The houses will rent for 700 euros a month, or about $900. It’s a little less than someone might pay for a cramped single room in the city, and it comes with a full second-story loft bedroom, a private yard, and soaring windows.

via 18 | Can’t Make Rent? This Beautiful Squatter’s Home Can Be Built On A Vacant Lot In A Day | Co.Exist | ideas + impact.

Science World Ignores Climate Science

... Science World LNG seminars in Squamish Dec. 17. Photo by ChristineWell, why would you support something called Science World when it participates in a program to brainwash students into supporting the liquid natural gas industry, despite the science indicating how harmful it is to the world.

Climate change deniers deny science.

The BC government pretends to care about climate change but is roaring ahead with oil, gas, coal, pipelines and tankers. Pure hypocrisy. They think we’re stupid.

Science World, by joining in with the BC government pimping LNG to kids, has joined the wrong team.

Why would you go to a Science World that rejects the sociopolitical implications of climate science?

Don’t renew your membership. We’re not. That’s a boycott, folks! The first called of 2015.

Scroll down to read Science World’s rationalization for why they’re compromising their credibility so harshly. Prepare to facepalm.

By participating in these community seminars with Science World, the B.C. government is trying to sell the idea of the LNG industry to youth – I only wish they would teach young folks about the science of LNG’s environmental and climate impacts to the same degree.”

via Environmental groups demand an end to B.C. government – Science World partnership on LNG | The Council of Canadians.

“When the government first approached us, we debated long and hard about the reputation we do enjoy and would it be in danger at all through this participation, and clearly that is one of the possibilities, however on the other hand, the obligation we believe we have to chat with residents of B.C. about science and technology overcomes that,” Bryan Tisdall, Science World president and CEO, said in an interview.

via Science World couples with LNG – News – Squamish Chief.

It’s too bad they want to chat with people about what the BC government considers to be science and technology. This is a corruption of their duty to science. They should be ashamed of themselves. I hope the government money is worth it. To think that they can pull this off without being the government’s pawns is pathetic.

Does YOUR Favorite Corporation Exploit Tragedy for Sales?


It’s not like capitalists deserve your pity when they accidentally offend people while they try to embrace their communities to build spirit. And profit.

It is partly because corporations are pretend human beings, with no emotions, no social conscience [beyond PR gains] and no capacity for human empathy, which is a fundamental part of human society.

Corporations must maximize shareholder wealth, while exploiting people and the environment. So no surprise that when they try to improve market share by corporatizing 9/11 and Boston Strong some people get offended.

And why not! Try this one on: “Remember 9/11; Soooo, Make Sure You Shop at Dick’s Vinyl Siding.”

It doesn’t ring true. That’s because we resent corporations who try to be human. But we need to do a better job of that!

Now, look at all the filth McDonald’s endures while trying to become your bestie:

McDonald’s Ad Referencing 9/11, Boston Bombing Provokes Strong Reactions.

The Washington Post’s Wonkblog referred to it as “tone deaf” and a “disarming minute of mushy corporate propaganda.” Some noted the irony of an ad celebrating the company’s role in the community, given ongoing protests by workers and labour organizers calling for higher pay and a union. For others, the reference to the Sept. 11 attacks and Boston Marathon bombing in a McDonald’s ad were jarring, and some commenters on Facebook and Twitter called it crass and exploitive.

Other companies have faced sharp backlash for incorporating national tragedies into their marketing. In 2013, AT&T was criticized for a tweet that commemorated the Sept. 11 attacks while showing off its smartphone. Campbell Soup also apologized that year for a tweet by SpaghettiOs asking followers to “Take a moment and remember #PearlHarbor with us.” The tweet featured an image of its smiling cartoon mascot jauntily holding an American flag.

The ad by McDonald’s isn’t entirely surprising. During an investor meeting last month, McDonald’s USA President Mike Andres noted the company is working with franchisees to strengthen their ties in communities. The majority of the company’s more than 14,000 U.S. restaurants are operated by franchisees.

More than ever, people want to feel good about the businesses and the brands they do businesses with,” he said.

McDonald’s Ad Referencing 9/11, Boston Bombing Provokes Strong Reactions.

Bed-Sized Universe

In the liminal state
Between yesterday’s deluge of logistics and over-stimulation
And tomorrow’s hopefully more meditative study
Of deep river shore line,
I lie in bed
Between clay ground and vapour clouds.

I can’t feel fully grounded
I keep floating up,
Like bed spins but more trippy.

Like the mortal coil extending
But not to the degree where I’d lose touch of the ground completely,
Which is critical for staying conscious of two states that rarely blur this much.

And the states of my being
Compete for supremacy,
But I resist and carry them both
In my liminality
In my knowing
In my wishing
In my seeking and sensing for truths or just facts or just moments.

Because my bed-sized universe
Is both infinite and conveniently knowable within my capacity,
And I secretly want to stay here
Like John and Yoko in their bed-in
But mine will be all mine
With people drifting in and out
As I zoom in on their mortal coils and drag them close
Closer than they usually are
Closer than I usually see them
Close enough
To know
And sense
And wish them here,
Out of time itself.

De-Spinning the Political and Re-Spinning it for Social, Economic and Political Justice