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What If We Treated Harper Like We Treated Haiti’s Aristide?

Supporters of former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide chant and display signs outside the courthouse in Port au Prince on Wednesday, Jan. 9. When they learned that the prosecutor, Lucmane Delille, had gone to Aristide’s home to question him, a river of tens if not hundreds of thousands of people marched to his home, surrounding it protectively as they had when he returned to Haiti. – Photo: Swoan Parker, Reuters

Just imagine!

Imagine if, one day, US President Obama sent in the Marines to Ottawa [with support from, say, the Maldives, the UK and Peru, and other Coalition of the Willing partners], who then strolled up to 24 Sussex Drive, liberated Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his family from their residence, spirited them off to #YOW to be deposited on a plane, without passports, to fly to a foreign land, like Mali.

We know the prime minister is a bad guy, but this is pretty rough treatment. Then, once Harper was conveniently out of the way, these foreign powers, with the help of the UN helped make Elections Canada more robust to ensure we had a better democracy.

Then, in future elections, the UN-occupied Elections Canada does not recognize Conservative Party candidates in their application to be candidates because…get this…they could not get the signature of their party leader, exiled Stephen Harper [shhh, because he’s been exiled, and incidentally a faxed signature is not acceptable]. But this isn’t entirely fiction. Read why:

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