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BC Liberals Cut Funding for Adults with Disabilities and Give Snowbirds an Extra Month

Social Development Minister Moira Stilwell thinks adults with fetal alcohol disorder and autism deserve more than a 50% funding cut, while snowbirds get a 7th month of healthcare!

I’ve seen the BC Liberals do some pretty cruel, heartless things over the years, but this is one of the worst.

They are cutting more than 50% of the money that supports adults with fetal alcohol disorder and autism, while giving snowbirds a 7th month of medical coverage for living in warmer climates over the winter.

Snowbirds will be back in country during the election. Many will be thrilled they will get an extra month down south next year. And snowbirds are more likely to vote for the BC Liberals because of this.

So if you know any snowbirds, please let them know what this new budget cuts, which will help fund their 7th month down south.

Families first? It seems [voting] snowbird families come first and families with adults with disabilities last.

Read the gory, cruel details here.

Here are the cuts to vulnerable adults:

The B.C. government plans to drastically reduce the average amount of money it spends on adults with developmental disabilities over the next three years, budget documents show.

Adults with fetal alcohol disorder and autism who receive service under the personal supports initiative will see the biggest decline. Documents show the average cost per client in that program dropping from $24,000 to $16,000 this year alone — a 33 per cent decline.

In two years time, the average cost per client in the program will be less than half what it is today, the documents show.

At the same time, the program’s caseload is expected to more than double from 424 to 945.

B.C. plans to slash funding for adults with disabilities – Local – Times Colonist.

And here is the gift to snowbirds:

“There are many British Columbia seniors who enjoy winters away each year, and this change makes it possible to allow them some extra time away without worrying about losing their MSP coverage,” said Ralph Sultan, minister of state for seniors, in a statement.

The proposed amendment to the Medicare Protection Act would permit an additional 30-day absence — if the time out of the province is used for vacation.

via Basic medical coverage extended for absent snowbirds – Local – Times Colonist.