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What Does Post-Corporate Media Look Like?

I know you’re wondering. But it’s hard to imagine. Kind of like a fish imagining life without water. We’ve known corporate media for generations. Since the advent of psychology and marketing, the influence/manipulation of corporate media is ubiquitous. And not in a good way.

But let’s take a few moments to imagine the features of post-corporate media, where increasing the audience [by a variety of questionable, sensationalist means, sometimes] to increase ad revenue isn’t the goal.

Let’s start here with this:

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More CBC Privatization

Canadian media deal announced LIVE
The private sector is grinning at the stealth privatization of Hockey Night in Canada.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hockey Night in Canada, privatization version!

Yes, the CBC is now in a privatization scheme called a public-private partnership [see below] to continue its mission to dump the most culturally significant media brand in Canadian history: Hockey Night in Canada.


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Yas A., Kagan Goh and Carmen Aguirre: Monday at 6pm on COOP Radio

Monday night at 6pm on The Rational on COOP Radio [livestreamed], 102.7fm in/around Vancouver:

  1. Alnoor Gova interviews Kagan Goh and Imtiaz Popat about the world television premier of their documentary Stolen Memories on Sunday, March 4th at 9pm on OMNI TV.
  2. Alnoor Gova also has the sublime opportunity to interview the renaissance woman Carmen Aguirre, who was recently the winner of CBC’s Canada Reads. And you should definitely watch this excerpt from her time on Strombo, and you can see her in IMDB here.
  3. Yas A with another instalment on Italian political song writers.

And the show archive is here if you missed it. It was a fantastic show! Well done, all!