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New Prime Minister Tells Canadians- No War With Syria

What should military service actually be for?
What should military service actually be for?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Canada were Canada again?

Wouldn’t it be even better if Canada would step up and be a better Canada than we had ever been in the past?

Wouldn’t it be just spectacular if we could step up and be a world moral leader instead of an economically rapacious war-mongering imperialist?

Here’s a bit about how that could happen: choosing peace, diplomacy and negotiation over death and destruction. First we need to imagine what that would look like:

From Jillian Skeet

Date Tue 5:35 pm

(hypothetical press release) September 4th, 2013

“New Prime Minister Tells Canadians- No War With Syria”

Ottawa – At a press conference today, Canada’s new Prime Minister announced that Canada will not participate in any military action against Syria and, effective immediately, Canada will no longer participate in any future wars or war preparations.

“It is time we recognized that we cannot help people by bombing them. We simply increase the suffering and misery, and create more poverty and environmental destruction,” said the Prime Minister, ” It ‘s time to start thinking outside the box and devoting our best minds and resources to finding new, non-violent means of resolving conflict.”

“Our world is on the brink of an environmental catastrophe that threatens all life on our planet,” he said, “For too long we have allowed those who profit from weapons and warfare, and those who use war to exploit others, to set the global agenda and convince entire populations that war is necessary.”

The Prime Minister went on to say that the military mindset that has dominated the last century is responsible for much of the environmental destruction, devastating poverty and the abuse of human rights that have created so much misery and suffering on our planet. “When every problem is viewed through a military lens,” he said, “it is seen as a military problem that requires a military solution. “

Global military expenditures, now exceed $1 trillion per year, depleting funds and resources desperately needed for the protection and preservation of life on our planet. At the same time, these funds go into activities that are detrimental to the environment and to life on earth.

Responding to heckles from the media, the Prime Minister reminded those present that far from being a utopian dream, abolishing war was the stated goal behind the creation of both the League of Nations and the United Nations. “Since then, we’ve been sold a lie,” he said. “We’ve been repeatedly told if you want peace, you must prepare for war, but we have a whole century of evidence that when you prepare for war, you get war.”

“The reality is that our planet cannot withstand a continuation of the kind of behaviour that has made the last century the most destructive in human history. Utopia is for those who think we can survive on the destructive path we’re currently on.”

“The writing is on the wall – it has been there for at least three decades,” said the Prime Minister, “It is time to wake up and recognize that we must change if we wish to survive.”

Asked for details on Canada’s withdrawal from the global war machine, the Prime Minister stated that Canada will immediately begin recalling its troops and personnel from all theatres of war and military alliances. This will be followed by a period of transition in which all aspects of the Canadian military will be reassessed and reoriented into a Global Emergency Task Force ready to deploy immediately in response to environmental or humanitarian crises anywhere they occur.

We will also return to our traditional role as United Nations Peacekeepers, making our personnel available to intervene in conflicts to separate warring parties and to actively engage in conflict resolution and peacemaking activities.

“As the first western industrialized nation to withdraw from the global war system, Canada is taking a leadership role that is in tune with the traditional values that have shaped our country,” said the Prime Minister, “Canada has had the misfortune over the last three decades to have leaders who were out of step with the vast majority of Canadians, and who took our nation in a direction that was not true to our values. As of today, Canada is back. We sincerely hope that other nations will recognize the truth and wisdom in what we are doing, and will join with us in setting the world on a new life-sustaining course.”

Jillian Skeet

Jillian Skeet is an International Affairs Consultant. In the fall of 2002, she organized a high-profile initiative to keep Canada out of the Iraq War. This press release has been issued to stimulate thought and debate across Canada. Jillian can be reached by email at: jillianskeet@telus.net or by telephone at 604-324-1135 or cell: 604-323-4377.

Canadians Against Biological Weapons

While the big W is swimming in Iraqi bloodlust, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders promote the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention as a vehicle for ridding the world of abhorrent weapons.

In doing some research today, I stumbled over the United Nation’s website. I read in the title bar of their introductory homepage “Welcome to the UN. It’s your world.” I like that sentiment. It’s a reminder that even with big W Bush and his family’s bloodlust for Iraq, the world is actually OUR world.

What was the research I was doing today? I was looking into the BTWC, the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention which just finished its Fifth Review Conference in Geneva. Details are here.

I had heard about this Convention from an email of a press release (#147) from Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham’s office. You can read it here.

In the press release, Graham, with the Australian foreign minister and the New Zealand Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control (what a great idea for a ministerial position!), affirmed their support for the BTWC, that it “remains a relevant and vital pillar of the global disarmament and non-proliferation framework, essential both to the campaign to rid the world of the scourge of biological weapons and to the pursuit of international peace and security.”

The press release came on November 15, 2002. Last Friday. The deadline for Iraq (a BTWC signatory 30 years ago) to comply with UN weapons inspection, spurred on by the USA (also a BTWC signatory in 1972).

So while the big W is spewing forth his beloved militarism, yet capitulates to “allow” the UN to embody its concern about Iraq’s weapons, here are Canada and Australia and New Zealand promoting the value of international conventions as a vehicle for international peace and security.

And while the big W is not a fan of signing international treaties and conventions that may limit his god-blessed sovereignty, Canada is part of a movement to promote more conciliatory approaches to global issues, assuming Iraq has anything worth inspecting.

And by the way, the big W, soon after taking office, backed his country out of a UN agreement to enforce the BTWC.

It’s good to be a Canadian. And a member of the UN. Because it is my world after all, and yours too.