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White Privilege and Entitlements, On Acid, Sans Irony

I’m white, so I’m qualified to explain that white privilege and entitlements don’t exist? So shut up?

Enjoy the stupid, ignorant, red herring cultivating and watch the white host infantilize and berate the non-white guy.

So Sun TV recently decided to convene a panel to debate whether or not “white privilege” exists.

Four participants in the debate were white. One participant was not white.

What could possibly go wrong — on Sun TV?

via Watch four white people on Sun TV dismiss idea of white privilege to person who isn’t white | Press Progress.

Occupying Homelessness?

Joe Hatch
Homelessness isn’t a policy thing regarding random people. It’s a thing for actual people. It’s not abstract, it’s in our face, yet we live in denial.

Clearly, I’m no brain surgeon. But if there are homeless people, a civilized culture would find a way to use a progressive tax system to house them. Simple.

Homelessness, however, is a magnet for reprobate poor bashers who are too greedy to part with their wealth [massive or otherwise] to solve a problem.

But guess what. Research shows it’s actually cheaper to simply house the homeless. Unless you secretly hate them, or are a supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada that rejects science, research and data from an ideological, ignorance-embracing stance.

It’s actually this easy:

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The Lodgepole Pine Moment of Addressing Climate Breakdown

So a chunk of floating ice separated from Greenland last week. The ice cube is bigger than Manhattan.

No big deal, it seems. How many people sold their cars because of that, or the BP negligent disaster, or the Endbridge pipeline leak.

I don’t know how many times an Antarctic ice shelf breaks off a piece or which of the last few years the Beaufort Sea ice melted in the summer or if Greenland will send another iceberg into the Titanic shipping lanes. Are they watershed moments sufficient to cause change? Not really.

I think about forest fire season and constantly go back to the symbolism of the lodgepole pine. Its pine cones need tremendous heat to release the seeds. Before we tried to domesticate our forests and before climate change gave the pine beetle complete license to kill, forests burned about ever 200 years. Good for the lodgepole pine.

But now, what kind of intense heat will wake enough of us up to drastically alter our lives to change everything we do to avert climate breakdown?

Our society is the Titanic, too arrogant to care about mere ice bergs, even ones bitter than Manhattan. What will it take for us to take a reality check and change our ways?