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Which of the Young People You Know Should Run for Office?

I was watching Questions Period in the House of Commons yesterday morning. Every time I’m there I am so impressed with the maturity, clarity, commitment and professionalism I see in the young Quebec NDP MPs. They contrast with the old, crusty, cynical hacks in a refreshing way. They remind me of so many people under […]

Is Christy Clark Lying to Us About the LNG Tax Windfall?

I don’t know. Do you? No. And, it seems, we won’t be permitted to determine if the BC Liberal government is lying to us about their future vision of rolling in billions in fresh new LNG tax money because the supporting reports won’t be released. So much for accountability and open government. We also won’t be […]

Deconstructing the Wildrose Effect

So what happened in Alberta’s election yesterday, other than people telling pollsters that they want change, then chickening out when it came time to mark an X. The Politics, Re-spun crew deconstructs the Wildrose effect here:

The Landslide Election Victory That Isn’t

I initially had a vague plan for this post but have decided to go with whatever comes to mind to create an election commentary medley of sorts. Actually, it more resembles a rather large balloon filled with statistics and cynicism and it keeps growing! The Conservatives have won a majority government and this ensures their […]

BC 2011 Municipal Election Twitter Hashtags

BC’s next municipal election is just under 7 months away: Saturday, November 19, 2011. Below are Twitter hashtags for municipalities and political issues in BC. Please send in other municipal/political hashtags and I’ll update this list. And let’s work up a BC municipal election 2011 hashtag. Something like #BCMunicipalElection2011. :) Or maybe #BCmuni11, etc. Or […]

The Tamils’ Gift: Some Needed National Values Exploration

I think one of the key issues in all my questions about the Tamil ship the other day is what kind of Canada do we want. Are we really open to visitors, immigrants, refugees? If there is a federal election this fall, the G20, the long-form census and how we ought to treat “visitors” like […]