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Elevate the World from Mediocrity to Greatness? Lululemon? GMAFB

GMAFB john galt - atlas shrugged

Capitalism dissociates us from each other.

It makes us embrace consumerism and individualism and erodes community and cohesion.

Yet, oddly, Lululemon’s mantra of elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness is about liberating us from those shackles. Oddly, based on Ayn Rand’s whacko philosophy [see below], we need to be liberated from such an environment that is imagined to be government-controlled.

I will pardon you for not laughing at the irony of this. It’s not funny. The hyper anti-government, anti-community, pro-individualism, pro-capitalism Ayn Rand crew fears government will turn us all into mediocre wastelands of human endeavor.

But if you’ve checked out the ratings of all the reality shows lately, and the annual profits of IKEA, McDonald’s and all the other homogenizing brands that turn us into lobotomized monkeys, you’ll see that Ayn Rand missed the mark.

It’s not gulags that turn us into morons, it’s capitalism.

And Lululemon is dancing in absurdity trumpeting this as a corporate vision, particularly since yoga [in case you don’t know what that is], is all about creating connections, not creating Übermensch.

In “Atlas Shrugged,” Ayn Rand describes a society where people work and reside in government-controlled environments that are tightly regimented. Without realizing it, this control created a society of mediocrity; propagating a cycle of listless, uninspired existing as opposed to living. The character John Galt encouraged all of the world’s innovators and intelligent minds to go on strike from the increasingly controlling government in order to create a vacuum of brilliance, proving that independent creativity and free-will is critical for quality of life.

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