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Does YOUR Favorite Corporation Exploit Tragedy for Sales?


It’s not like capitalists deserve your pity when they accidentally offend people while they try to embrace their communities to build spirit. And profit.

It is partly because corporations are pretend human beings, with no emotions, no social conscience [beyond PR gains] and no capacity for human empathy, which is a fundamental part of human society.

Corporations must maximize shareholder wealth, while exploiting people and the environment. So no surprise that when they try to improve market share by corporatizing 9/11 and Boston Strong some people get offended.

And why not! Try this one on: “Remember 9/11; Soooo, Make Sure You Shop at Dick’s Vinyl Siding.”

It doesn’t ring true. That’s because we resent corporations who try to be human. But we need to do a better job of that!

Now, look at all the filth McDonald’s endures while trying to become your bestie:

McDonald’s Ad Referencing 9/11, Boston Bombing Provokes Strong Reactions.

The Washington Post’s Wonkblog referred to it as “tone deaf” and a “disarming minute of mushy corporate propaganda.” Some noted the irony of an ad celebrating the company’s role in the community, given ongoing protests by workers and labour organizers calling for higher pay and a union. For others, the reference to the Sept. 11 attacks and Boston Marathon bombing in a McDonald’s ad were jarring, and some commenters on Facebook and Twitter called it crass and exploitive.

Other companies have faced sharp backlash for incorporating national tragedies into their marketing. In 2013, AT&T was criticized for a tweet that commemorated the Sept. 11 attacks while showing off its smartphone. Campbell Soup also apologized that year for a tweet by SpaghettiOs asking followers to “Take a moment and remember #PearlHarbor with us.” The tweet featured an image of its smiling cartoon mascot jauntily holding an American flag.

The ad by McDonald’s isn’t entirely surprising. During an investor meeting last month, McDonald’s USA President Mike Andres noted the company is working with franchisees to strengthen their ties in communities. The majority of the company’s more than 14,000 U.S. restaurants are operated by franchisees.

More than ever, people want to feel good about the businesses and the brands they do businesses with,” he said.

McDonald’s Ad Referencing 9/11, Boston Bombing Provokes Strong Reactions.

Walmart and McDonald’s Pretend They’re Great Employers!

We need to work harder to ensure everyone earns a living wage!

I love when gross corporations try to spin reality to defend against criticisms.

For instance:

  1. Walmart used to take out dead peasant life insurance on its employees, putting itself in a conflict of interest: do their best to keep employees alive, or cash out on their secret insurance policies.
  2. Walmart gives Americans food stamp applications along with job applications because they pay so little. They depend on the government to feed their employees.

Quickly, some data:

  1. Walmart’s 2011 profit was $15.7 billion. Profit, not revenue. Workers deserve to be treated and compensated better with that kind of gold lying around.
  2. McDonald’s 2010 net income was $4.9 billion. Again, profit, not revenue. Workers deserve to be treated and compensated better with that kind of gold lying around. Are you sensing a theme? Both of these lovely corporations could spend billions more on wages, which is, of course, good for the local economies.

Corporate Fightback:

McDonald’s created a sad website designed to help employees budget for survival. It included this quaint little notion that workers would need a second job to survive. But even then, they neglected some key elements of a budget. Like food. Watch how the folks at LowPayIsNotOK.org re-spun McDonald’s pathetic budget website. Enjoy, then read below for Walmart’s attempt to clear the murky air!

Walmart’s website, sharing with us the “real” Walmart is a dream. My favourite section is call “The Real Facts.” Are non-real facts even facts, at all? [Orwell alert!]

Health care plans are available to eligible hourly associates starting at $17 per pay period.

via The Real Facts

Note well how they decline to mention what percentage of their employees make such huge wages, almost double the average wage at stores all over America!

Sail through the website and you will have a strong sense of peace, unicorns and rainbows. I feel better just writing these sentences about it. Enjoy it too…and wait for someone to re-spin it as happened to McDonald’s budgeting site.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Walmart. There’s even a website that makes fun of people who shop with us. Well, we want you to know the facts — who shops with us and why. Take this opportunity to learn about our associates and the opportunities available to them and their families. Read about how we deliver low prices and the commitment we bring to the communities we serve.

The facts might surprise you.

via Learn Real Facts about Walmart at the Real Walmart – TheRealWalmart.com.