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When Misogynists Are So Bold, They Skip Anonymity

The state of backlash against feminism has become newly bold. Likely because feminists are gaining traction in society, so men are doubling down on their fight to keep their sick entitlements.

The fact that most of the guys hurling the abuse used their real names, showing a passion and conviction in their argument that’s not there with anonymous comments, is unsettling and shows the depth of their misogyny. I don’t think they even realize it’s there.

Click the Tara Bradbury quote above, read the article, and boldly declare your feminism! In any way you like. In person, at coffee shops, at work, in social media, on patios. Whatever. Be the change!

Women As Meat, Volume 874,597

Backlash 101.
Backlash 101.

Every attempt we made to start a serious debate was met with responses such as “feminism and rape are both ridiculously tiring”.

via What happened when I started a feminist society at school | Education | theguardian.com.

For all the sons and daughters that you know and love, read this story.

Not understanding what 21st century feminist backlash looks like is dangerous.