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Which of the Young People You Know Should Run for Office?

My Reality: I Was a Teen Politician, Part I | Gender Focus – A Canadian Feminist Blog
You all know young people who should be running for office. We NEED them!

I was watching Questions Period in the House of Commons yesterday morning. Every time I’m there I am so impressed with the maturity, clarity, commitment and professionalism I see in the young Quebec NDP MPs.

They contrast with the old, crusty, cynical hacks in a refreshing way.

They remind me of so many people under 25 I know who really have a clear sense of who they are, what matters and how to make the world a better place. Sure, people under 25 have some holes in their narrative and some big questions marks, but so do much older folks as well.

But every few years I update my list of people I think should run for office. In about a 6 months I’ll be contacting them again with BC’s municipal and school board elections coming up.

So here’s my question for you. Which of the young people you know, would be inspired political leaders with the integrity, vision, sincerity and intelligence to make the world a better place?

And if you need some inspiration to get you list really long, read about Jarrah Hodge, who has a great shot at being premier or prime minister one day [and read part 2 of her piece here]:

Here in BC we’re getting ready for a provincial election in a couple of months and as I see building excitement around me I can’t help but think about how the various new candidates are doing.

See when I was 19 I ran in the 2005 provincial election for the BC NDP against then Finance Minister Colin Hansen. And even though I never had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, it was a truly unforgettable experience, at times fun, enlightening, exhausting, and surreal.

via My Reality: I Was a Teen Politician, Part I | Gender Focus – A Canadian Feminist Blog.