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Policy Statements of the BC NDP Leadership Candidates

I’d certainly like this to be the year where strong, clear, engaging and relevant policies and not endorsement body counts and dropping vague motherhood phrases are what it takes to become leader of a political party. All the BC NDP leadership candidates are far too vague on policy so far. The party is also far too vague on policy, so maybe that’s why. And it’s not like the party hasn’t been passing policy resolutions for several decades, it’s just that none of them are on the BC NDP website. Instead, there is a picture of Kevin Falcon:

Seriously, I understand what the point is because it links to a page with criticism of a BC Liberal leadership candidate, but where is the policy designed by the BC NDP for the people of BC? I know it exists. I’ve seen it.

And as Stepan Vdovine noted yesterday, the people of BC can handle some policy substance.

Below are links to the BC NDP leadership candidates’ policy pages [ordered by first name, reverse alphabetically, just because], such as they are. Ask yourself a few things when you read each statement:

  1. What exactly is the candidate proposing, beyond referring to appealing phrases?
  2. What does this principle/ideal for BC look like to the candidate?
  3. How am I going to understand that the candidate has succeeded?
  4. How will the candidate accomplish this?

Granted, the first three questions are the same, but sometimes we really need to think hard to cut through the rhetoric to find out if there is any authentic substance.

And if I’ve missed some key webpages with candidate policy information, please let me know and I’ll update this page.

Nicholas Simons: Policy

Mike Farnworth: Ready to Lead BC

John Horgan: John’s Ideas

Harry Lali: No website or policy statements beyond internal party equity changes

Dana Larsen: Platform

Adrian Dix: Issues

I welcome your views in comments below about the quality of policy statements from the candidates.