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Shaw Cable’s Dismissive, Dodging Customer Service

Shaw, the Corporation

If you are a lower mainland Shaw Cable customer you may have noticed a quite vague notification of a $5 [plus HST] bill increase coming in June. It is followed by a great deal of vague advertising fluff indicating that something awesome was about to happen, but no actual details in order to get a sense of whether this is just a money grab by Shaw or if it’s an actual cost increase with value for money.

Below is the vague PR nonsense on the Shaw bills and a very frustrating Twitter DM exchange I just had with someone at Shaw trying to get actual details. It was typical big corporation slipperiness and dodginess. If this is frustrating for you, there’s a comparably affordable Telus bundle you can threaten to switch to when you call Shaw.

Enjoy, but don’t forget your barf bag.

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