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Cunt: Never An Appropriate Descriptor for a 9 Year Old Child

When I close my eyes, and imagine all the terms that one could come up with to describe a 9 year old girl, the very last one on my list would be “cunt.” In general, I would assume that most reasonable people would agree. There are fewer words as genderized, vulgar and riddled with hate. […]

Gentleman! Step Up and Reclaim Your Wife! Pesky Newborns Be Damned!

Chattel. That’s all you are, women. The personal property of men. If you dare to turn your attention to something as trivial as…a newborn baby? YOU ARE LETTING YOUR KEEPER DOWN. Your breasts are ALL his. All. Stick some plastic in that kid’s cry-hole, STAT! Then get back to doing what you do best: being […]

Springtime for Hitler in Ottawa

  Last week, our favourite sweater vest hoarding Prime Minister made the world’s laziest Nazi/Hitler invocation during Question Period. This is the latest in a string of Hitler references made by sundry politicos in Ottawa during 2012, and we’re not even half way through the year. His gaffe brought jeers and tears of laughter to […]

Occupy the Church, Occupy Together

Christians. Church. God. Jesus. Occupy. What do these words mean to you? For many, the connotations are negative. Personal experiences with judgemental, rigid, frozen people who identify themselves as Christians have left a bitter taste in their mouths. Memories of being harangued, condescended to and lectured linger long after their encounter. Media and political examples […]

How I Expect Journalists to Behave During #Elxn41

The short answer is: just as they are. I think they’re doing a great job, especially with the kind of contempt Harper has shown them for years. By the way, #Elxn41 is the Twitter hashtag for Canada’s 41st general election. It is an exciting time as Twitter is redefining the relationships between estates. Candidates, citizens […]

2011 Class Warriors Include Anonymous and the Uncut Movement

Today’s note is simple. It’s big picture context. On one hand we have: 30 years of neoliberalism, with the Conservative-Liberal passive coalition in Ottawa, a Democrat or maybe Republican Lite in the White House after the Bush years, the Tea Party, anti-worker legislation in Wisconsin and Ohio, developed countries bailing out capitalist fraudsters to keep […]

Corporations Behaving Badly, Again

Letting corporations regulate themselves is foolish for society, but good for them. This is why they fund right wing politicians who pursue neoliberal goals like tax cuts, deregulation and privatization. Did you know, by the way, that BC will become an onshore tax haven in January 2012 when its corporate tax rate hits zero for […]