The US Navy: Champions of Earth Day

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I wish I were in the United States for Earth Day yesterday so I could celebrate Earth Day with their navy, champions of environmental respect and preservation.

I just can’t see an organization that sends its boats around the world powered by nuclear reactors to be hallmarks of environmentalism. They dump their waste into the bucket that is the earth’s ecology and champion themselves when they remove eyedropperfulls of their filth: removing 1,700 tons of contaminated soil [who contaminated it in the first place?].

Instead, silly me, I spent the evening at a Utah Phillips show in Vancouver, a man with no shortage of creative criticisms of the assholes who run the United States Empire.


No. 354-04

Apr 21, 2004


Department of The Navy Celebrates Earth Day 2004

The Department of the Navy will join the nation in celebration of the 34th annual Earth Day on April 22nd. The Department’s theme for Earth Day 2004 is “Celebrating Successful Partnerships,” recognizing the extensive collaboration that takes place among Navy, Marine Corps, industry, government, academic, and nonprofit organizations to enable the sea services to accomplish the primary mission of national defense while safeguarding the natural environment.

“Earth Day presents an excellent opportunity to highlight the department’s continued contributions to ensuring a sustainable environmental future,” said Secretary of the Navy Gordon England. “Earth Day 2004 is an occasion for the Navy and Marine Corps to work with partnering organizations to re-emphasize our commitment to the environment in which we work and live, both in the U.S. and overseas.”


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