A Dystopic Project for a New American Century

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The imperialist neo-conservative [neo-con] Project for a New American Century is a pretty terrifying doctrine, additionally so because they so boldly promote it–unashamedly.

Go see the Ted Rall comic at http://www.ucomics.com/rallcom/2004/10/18/

But about on November 2nd the US presidential election will be decided. Or not. My money’s on not. The US electoral system is such a gong show.

What with the crime of being black in Florida in 2000 to new electronic voting machines this year, I have no faith that the absence of tens of thousands of UN observers throughout the 50 states means there will be no clear winner by midnightish west coast time on November 2nd.

In fact, the home of democracy is so unreliable in holding morally legitimate elections that I can’t see them being the philosophical leader in spreading democracy around the world, like in Afghanistan currently, or Iraq in a few months.

God help us.

Maybe the gong show that is “governing” in “Israel” may shed some light on the future stability of governing in the USA. Ted Rall’s comic insight is quite poignant. Maybe Canada’s current foreign policy and defense reviews ought to take his creative output as key input about our new role as maintainers of civil peace in North America.


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