No Two Term Bushes

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Stunning. Just stunning. It just occurred to me that if w.Caesar doesn’t get elected next week [after being merely selected in 2000] then both Bush presidents will have been robbed of their silver-spoon birthright of a second term.

That bastard Perot stole Bush 41’s second term by splitting the right vote and letting that reprobate Clinton in, allowing him to sleaze his way to a second term.

Or you could look at it this way. With an illegitimately low voter turnout for US presidential elections [Canada’s federal turnout isn’t much better], if the Republicans had simply mobilized just a marginally larger proportion of their actual members to vote, Perot’s influence would have been countered and HW would have danced to four more years.

The same argument holds for the blame Nader front from the 2000 election.

But now. NOW! Now, we have a chance to stick it to the Bushes once again by keeping w.Caesar from getting his double-double.

And as much as Bill Minutaglio and Frank Bruni’s biographies of w.Caesar note his hatred for that bastard reprobate Clinton for stealing his father’s second term [honour thy father and all that], he’ll likely only have himself and his fellow idealogues to blame for his lost second term. And his hardball idiocy with North Korea. And Abu Ghraib. And the constitution-free zone at Gitmo. And the missing WMDs. And the needlessly alienating with us or against us, dead or alive cowboy rhetoric. And the criminally neglected Afghanistan. And the back door draft. And pissing off the French. And the Haliburton pillaging. And praising George Tenet’s fantastic job of the slam dunk Iraqi WMD case. And alienating allies. And and and and…


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