Soldiers in Iraq and their Wish Lists

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Today’s issue of the Scimitar, the weekly newspaper for the multinational occupation forces in Iraq has an article on page 3 [sadly, no longer online] about troops’ wish lists.

Beyond the article is a nice sidebar with individuals’ faces and wishes.

A member of ethically-squishy military privatization contractors [Haliburton-owned] KBR [Kellogg, Brown and Root] wants to travel through space.

Three wished to be with their families, a fourth wished to be a better father, and the last wished to be with his friends. Maybe he had no children.

The first soldier pictured, though, is a smiling “low maintenance” soldier who wished to stay in Iraq, fighting, I presume, since he’s a Marine captain. I particularly enjoyed the low maintenance idea. Maybe he’s an example of the kind of soldier they all ought to be: the kind that doesn’t ask Donald Rumsfeld any awkward questions about being ill-equipped.

I love journalism.

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