Early translation of the Iraqi Constitution…by Greg O’Keefe

-- Download Early translation of the Iraqi Constitution...by Greg O'Keefe as PDF --

There’s a gal in one of my classes who insists that Iraqi democracy will fail because it is being made in the image of American democracy. It is Americans, she argues, that are drafting the Iraqi Constitution and not Iraqis. So when I came across an early version of the Iraqi Constitution, translated of course, I read it.

Take a peak for yourself. (Keep in mind that this is someone else’s translation and not an official—or even complete—document).


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2 thoughts on “Early translation of the Iraqi Constitution…by Greg O’Keefe”

  1. with the united states as nursemaids for this brave new neoLiberal free trade [democracy], i would say that the americans aren’t not drafting it. however and whoever does the job, all those bodies were screened by the US state department before they were allowed by the occupying for to become politicians.

    you can’t rub off those american fingerprints from whatever document makes it through.

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