Lying to US Soldiers in Iraq

-- Download Lying to US Soldiers in Iraq as PDF --, presumably displaying this week’s US edition, does not display on its Numbers page an interesting statistic that shows up in this week’s Canadian print edition.

75% of US soldiers in Iraq expect a complete withdrawl next year.

Is that wishful thinking of the kinds of spin/lies/disinformation their commanders are spreading to keep morale high.

The worse statistic is criminal.

85% of US soldiers believe they are there to retaliate for Hussein’s involvement in 9/11.

It’s hard to believe they’re simply gullible and presuming lame connections without this lie being reinforced. It’s one thing for 70% of Americans to think Hussein was involved based on some conveniently closely-located sentences in a w.Caesar State of the Union address. It’s quite another thing for a higher percentage than that of soldiers in Iraq to be under that hideous impression.

2.75 years left to impeach w.Caesar.

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