His Royal Highness, World Bank King Paul Wolfowitz

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Paul Wolfowitz, as president of the World Bank, is no democratically elected leader or monarch. But as the OECD [Organization for Economic Concentration and Domination] world continues to rule the planet, other key international economic organizations like the World Bank/International Monetary Fund junta enact policy to entrench vast global economic disparity and insulate the OECD world from the rabble of the growing billions of poor.

Like a monarch reviewing the troops and granting an audience with his subjects, the brain behind the American Iraq invasion and occupation perpetuates a number of myths. While poor governance and corruption certainly exist in the majority world, the rhetoric from the OECD world continues to blame the backwards, uncivilized poor for their own poverty. The global economic system–crippling odious debt, the Washington Consensus and discriminating terms of trade–are largely responsible for the 20% rich controlling 80% of the planet’s wealth and resources.

Wolfowitz meets with leaders and, as the wording of this document so preciously describes, ordinary Timorese to discuss their real lives.

I have a difficult time accepting the president of an institution that foists structural adjustment programs [SAPs] on developing nations looking out for the common person. As much as the World Bank tries to pursue incremental development in the majority world, it will not jeopardize the structural elements of the global economic system that structurally maintain such poverty.

This World Bank press release/propaganda piece tries hard to get us on Uncle Paul’s side. A glowing excerpt:

During his visit, Wolfowitz will encourage Indonesia’s drive to improve governance and fight corruption–as he has already made it clear that tackling corruption is a key priority of his presidency.

The Bank President has described corruption as presenting one of the most serious threats to development.

Mr. Wolfowitz will also visit Timor-Leste, a relatively new state that is recognized as a stellar performer among post-conflict countries. The Bank president will meet the country’s senior officials as well as with ordinary Timorese to learn from the country’s achievements in maintaining peace and stability and creating the main institutions of a functioning state and economy.

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