Mayor Sam: Once Again Merging His Civic and Personal Campaign Activities

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Below is an email I received tonight from Mayor Sam Sullivan’s civic email address: It’s the email address that the person who is elected to be mayor uses for formal civic business.

In this email, he directs us to his personal campaign website, He is clearly still more irony-free than the last time I wrote about his lack of irony. That episode ended up with the webmaster of Sam’s personal site admitting that the mayor’s office used an email list from the mayor’s personal website to send a message from his civic email address.

This time, after a few items of civic interest, his email promotes a negligibly-valuable earth-focused initiative that will make many of us feel good while leading to very little meaningful change. The kicker? We can read more about this initiative at his personal website.

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Mayor’s Communiqué: Securing Support from Senior Levels of Gov’t

  • Federal Budget Update
  • Provincial Budget Update
  • Mayor welcomes IOC President to Vancouver
  • “Earth Hour” moving into high gear with new sponsors & Facebook

[The first three items are snipped.]

Earth Hour Vancouver on Facebook

Earth Hour is a global initiative put on by the World Wildlife Fund, encouraging people around the world to turn lights off for one hour, starting at 8:00pm on March 29, 2008. In addition to reducing our city’s energy consumption, Earth Hour will raise awareness about conservation among our citizens and businesses.

Our government is working with WWF, BC Hydro and the Vancouver Sun to invite all Vancouver residents and businesses to turn their lights off to mark Earth Hour. I want to personally invite you to join other Vancouver citizens ready to make a difference by searching “Earth Hour Vancouver” on Facebook’s group and event listings, or clicking the button at

Join the Facebook Group

I want to thank BC Hydro, WWF and the Vancouver Sun for joining this international event. Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks.

Thank you again for your ongoing interest and support on these initiatives. As always, I look forward to your ideas and feedback.

Yours truly,

Sam Sullivan

Sam Sullivan

* * *

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