The Province Newspaper: Mattress Ads as News

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So CanWest’s imperial media used to own 1/3 of the free Metro daily paper in Vancouver. They have clearly learned something from Metro‘s tendency to skip any actual news on the front page and just run an ad because today, The Province decided to mostly skip any news [real, soft or nearly] and run a mattress ad. Maybe they were hoping for bloodshed, terrorism or carnage at the fireworks or the Pemberton rock festival, and receiving none, just bailed and went for dropping the pretense of them actually being a real newspaper and just run an ad, like the flier that they really are.

And after yesterday’s cover reporting “Rock ‘N’ Roll ‘N’ Chaos” without the actual chaos, they have gone one step further to demonstrate their lack of journalistic integrity with a mattress ad.

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  1. We subscribe to that rag (for the sports – we have no tee vee), and they just recently raised the cost of the subscription. Now they are assaulting us with ads on the FP. We may have to rethink how the sports news comes to our home.


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