Scared neoLiberals Lie About BC’s High Unemployment

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Well it would seem that the Liberals are still in denial. These numbers represent the largest job losses in the history of British Columbia, and yet the Liberals are still claiming on their website that they have “record low” unemployment numbers in all regions

via The Butcher Shoppe: BC Liberals Out of Touch on Job Losses.

Denial is one thing, lying is quite another.

Without getting all Marxist with a long rant on false consciousness, I know that there are quite a few people who may even be nice folks with generous souls who still wish to support Campbell’s neoLiberals.

But when facts conflict, people seek an easy reconciliation.

When papa Gordon “says” we still have record low unemployment, these nice folks can sleep at night because they trust him and will reject StatsCan data that conflicts with what they wish to believe.

So I can’t imagine that some of the extraordinarily PhD-heavy bureaucrats in Victoria are merely rejecting StatsCan data and sending alternate information up the chain to the political lever-pullers.

I think it’s as simple as the neoLiberals lying to keep as many people onside as possible. Just like the Republicans were desperate to make sure their base showed up to vote for McCain/Palin, the neoLiberals–far from a populist party–are eager for their supporters to actually vote.

This all fits with my continually reinforced theory that the neoLiberals are desperately afraid of losing their jobs.

And since Gordon Campbell’s neoliberal ideology is responsible for the global crisis in capitalism, his job is to make sure the cult of Milton Friedman doesn’t take the fall for this.

So lying is easy. Let’s set their pants on fire on May 12th.

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