VANOC’s Olympic-Sized Paranoia and Belligerence

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Surrey man, 73, gets police visit after writing Vanoc

“These are Gestapo tactics, and nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to stop me from speaking my mind.”

“The instant questions that arise are around free expression. And then quite apart from the legal niceties, the issue of a journalist picking up on this and it blowing up in their face,” said Dave Harris, the director of international and terrorist intelligence programs for Insignis Strategic Research.

via Surrey man, 73, gets police visit after writing Vanoc.

Well, now I just want to start writing VANOC with all my concerns about the Olympics to see how long it takes for the cops to knock on my door.

This is the shape of things to come leading up to the Olympics and afterwards if any of this nonsense becomes part of our permanent security society.

Dave Harris’ idea that a journalist may run with this and it will blow up in VANOC’s face is a good one, but probably quite unrealistic. VANOC exists in its own universe, unaccountable to anyone, free from reality checks, immersed in its own self-importance and paranoia. They don’t give a crap what anyone thinks of them enough to change anything.

My favourite comment in the article:

The more serious threat is that I could send VANOC a threatening letter and put my neighbour’s address on it. Now that would be mayhem.

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