Politics, Re-Spun on Coop Radio, 5.11.09, an Election Eve Vista Video Podcast

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On Monday, May 11, 2009, Politics, Re-Spun met Coop Radio on “The Rational”, a Monday evening issues program. This is the my third visit, on election eve, with the next scheduled for Monday, May 18th, for a debriefing of the BC provincial election. Tonight we were joined by Damien Gillis of SaveOurRivers.ca.

Imtiaz Popat talked with Damien and me about election outcomes, STV implications, polling wonkiness, strategic voting, Christy Clark’s pro-STV video, FPTP is more confusing to justice than STV’s arithmetic, who gains with keeping FPTP, Wag the Dog, lame arguments against STV, Mel Lehan, Gordon Campbell, George Abbott, John van Dongen, people who are more radical than the NDP voting NDP, the new ridings, the Greens’ growing support over the years, 1 independent and 2 Conservatives getting elected, STV empowers disaffected voters, Wally Oppal’s political career ending, politicians as actual community representatives; but we again missed a chance to debrief the Billy Bob Thornton mayhem.

The video podcast of the conversation lives at Vista Video. 

You can watch it in Miro, the best new open source multimedia viewing software: http://www.miroguide.com/feeds/8832


You can watch it in iTunes: itpc://dgivista.org/pod/Vista_Podcasts.xml


The podcast file is at http://dgivista.org/pod/Coop.Radio.5.11.09.mov [now with the correct link.] 🙂


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