Vision Vancouver Are Not Radical Socialists

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Vision Vancouver are not radical socialists, but it plays well for the right-wing NPA to portray them as such. Much of what NPA enthusiast Mike Klassen writes in this article on relations between Vancouver and the BC Liberals is bang on. Except for this:

Despite their radical socialist leanings and connections to labour, Vision so far has tried to play ball with Campbell’s B.C. Liberals.

via 24 Hours Vancouver.

I honestly can’t think of one radical socialist Vision politician.

And then there’s this:

VSB Chair Patti Bacchus dismissed an independent review of Vancouver’s board of education that describes them as incompetent and overtly political.

The entire review was politicized to the teeth. Independent is bunk.

And how Rich Coleman connects to those other areas of relations between Vancouver and the BC Liberals would only make sense if Coleman were premier.

Otherwise, this piece is a good example of how the BC Liberals don’t play well with others. And don’t really care.

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  1. Yah, well, it plays to the CC base. It’s embarrassing when they start trotting out such hackneyed phrases, but hey, they need to keep their readership happy.

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