Le débat des chefs en français: commentaires (et rires)

-- Download Le débat des chefs en français: commentaires (et rires) as PDF --

Join Alex and Kevin for some commentary – or possibly internet French lessons – during the French leaders’ debate tonight, at about 7:45pm eastern / 4:45pm pacific.

Commentary may be a mix between French and English – or maybe some Franglais thrown in for fun – so feel free to join us in whichever language you’d wish.

Update:thanks to everyone who participated! At the end of it all, we had more than 1,100 viewers and over 600 participants in the liveblog. Absolutely stellar. If you have any ideas on more live events we could do, leave a comment. Also – tell us your thoughts on the debate! You can find archived video on cbc.ca/video.

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6 thoughts on “Le débat des chefs en français: commentaires (et rires)”

  1. Debat 14 avril

    Coalition: Ignatief et Duceppe parlent d’entente en chambre. Cela devrait etre une entente avec les citoyens. Les citoyens votent pour un candidat d’un parti, non d’une coalition. C’est ma raison de ne pas croire a une coalition. La mention est faite de coalitions dans d’autres pays. Je n’ai pas vu une seule d’elles qui fonctionne pour le bien d’un pays.

  2. Les modérateurs sont pourris…ils favorisent Duceppte, qui radotte toujours après 2004…L’élection est maintenant en 2011….quel désastre…si le contenu ne change pas d’ici 20 minutes, je retourne surveiller *Surviviors*……Duceppe est passé date

  3. Je suis d’accord Duceppe vieux jeu et il me fait penser a un vieux quarante-cinq tour de vinyl…. That’s it that’s all..
    Ignaseff no way c’est Trudeau réinventé
    Layton.. a la retraite svp
    Il reste qui…. Oui je vais voter
    Bon on passe au chose sérieuse American Idol

  4. Il ne faut pas comparer Ignatief a Trudeau. Il faut lui donner la chance de faire ses preuves ensuite on verra.
    Harper is not honest, he has no respect for democracy.
    Layton nah…il n’est pas solide.
    Duceppe n’a pas de raison d’etre là, c’est un gouvernement federal qu’on veut elire. que diriez vous d’un bloc pour chaque province? ridicule n’est ce pas? So… Duceppe go back to Qc and maybe help madame Marois :-)if she wants you

  5. Alright, I’m going to attempt a recap while things are still relatively fresh.


    That’s about it.

    Seriously, though, when I try to think back to less than an hour ago, it’s all a drone of blah blahs and talking points.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Layton and Duceppe actually discuss aboriginal issues instead of just mentioning them in passing.

    UNESCO seemed to be a real sticking point as an example of respect to Quebec. It was the only time Duceppe seemed genuinely animated.

    Harper bordered on seeming human tonight. It looks like his handlers gave him a stimulant, dialed back the blusher and put a more party-branded tie on him. He put a lot of focus on “regions”.

    Other than that, it was a rehash of last night’s debate, only with more attention paid to what Quebec wants.

    1. sickeningly, on thursday night, rex murphy said each region of canada deserves its own debate. why should just quebec get one. i totally agree with that. there should be lots of debates.

      but i differ from ole rex on motivations. i think he just doesn’t like quebec getting something special. 🙂

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