Quebec Law Seeks to End Student Strikes, Prohibit Protests with 10+ People Without Notice

-- Download Quebec Law Seeks to End Student Strikes, Prohibit Protests with 10+ People Without Notice as PDF --

Tonight in the Assemblée Nationale, Quebec Premier Jean Charest is pushing through a law that would seek to end the Quebec student protests (the #GGI, or the #manifencours).

The law would prohibit “demonstrations” in a “venue accessible by the public” unless the organizers of the demonstration had provided at least eight hours written notice to the police of the venue, the route, the time, date, duration, means of transport.  Additionally, the police would have the ability to force a change to any of the details.

Massive fines are provided for organizers who disobey, but also for participants who take part and do not “ensure” that the law’s requirements are upheld.

These are only two of the clauses in the controversial bill, and two that would not likely withstand constitutional challenge.  When and if such a challenge would be undertaken remains to be seen.

Twitter users can follow #manifencours, #ggi, #loispeciale for constant commentary en francais.

And, to the police: “On va manifester partout, tout les temps. A la prochaine.”

More to come.

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