School employers seek to force BCTF members to volunteer

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This is kind of amazing – the BC Public Schools Employers’ Association (the arms-length thing the government created to manage negotiations with the BCTF) is going to the LRB to try to have the withdrawal by teachers from voluntary activities declared illegal.

Uhh, what? So the BC government thinks that not volunteering is illegal? What’s next, mandatory volunteering at work?

The application states argues that withdrawing from voluntary activity is unlawful. Well played, BC government. Mandatory, forced voluntarism. Freedom reigns.

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One thought on “School employers seek to force BCTF members to volunteer”

  1. Think of the possibilities

    Bus Drivers could be told to VOLUNTEER evenings and on their days off so Trans link could finally balance their budget.

    Doctors could Volunteer Evenings and weekends to solve the wait list for surgeries.
    in our hospitals.

    The public could be assigned Volunteer duties cleaning up our cities and mowing the lawns, pulling weeds,and beautifying the city and neighborhoods.

    this list could be endless!

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