There are no words.

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There are insufficient facts today to accurately tell what has happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut today.

Even worse, there are no words to describe what has happened.

Someone has taken a gun into an elementary school and shot people inside.

There are no words.

The shooter has killed six adults in the school, and twenty small children.

There are no words.

No matter the value that you place on “liberties” or “freedoms,” you cannot justify the right to own machines that have been solely designed with killing things with what happened today.

No person’s “freedom” to own things that are designed to kill other living beings trump the rights of living beings to live.

The “freedom” to own guns does not take precedence over the right to live a live of hope and security and safety. The right to learn and grow and breathe. The right to struggle with a spelling test, and feel proud of a math quiz.

The “freedom” to own guns does not win out over the right to be loved and to love.

There are no words.

The price of freedom is not six adults and twenty children.


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Kevin is a cooperator, an always-student, and passionate about the arts. As a principal of the Incipe Cooperative, Kevin works with colleagues in a workers' co-op offering services for advocacy and nonprofit organizations. He's passionate about education policy, having been through twenty some-odd years of schooling and still thinking it changes the world. He also thinks that art changes the world, and he works with Art for Impact to celebrate art's power for social change. A Vancouver born and raised resident who is exiled from Toronto, he constantly loses umbrellas and probably rants too much.

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