Solicitations From My Inbox: A January of Trudeau

-- Download Solicitations From My Inbox: A January of Trudeau as PDF --

Pity Justin Trudeau.



It seems that nobody is willing to confront him and force him to deal with the fact  that the Liberal Party of Canada died two years ago.  In the meantime, his handlers and the media humor him while he runs around like the Norman Bates of Canadian politics,  dragging the taxidermied corpse of the Grits in a wheel chair, while screaming “Father! Please! They’re waiting for me Father!”

From my Inbox:


Friend — You are receiving this email because at one point you believed in the Liberal Party of Canada. Now, I am trying to build a party that you can believe in again. In the coming weeks, I hope you’ll get involved in the various leadership discussions surrounding the kind of party we want to build together and the leader you trust to represent you. I want to keep building a proud and prosperous country, but we need to build our Liberal Party first.

You don’t have to decide if I’m your candidate today, but you cannot vote if you do not register.

No fees, no membership. Just your vote.

So please keep your options open, register as a Supporter and follow me over the coming weeks at




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2 thoughts on “Solicitations From My Inbox: A January of Trudeau”

  1. if we click on the link and register as a liberal supporter, will that give YOU credit because the link is personalized?

    i am actually considering signing up as a supporter.

    1. we must get rid of harper
    2. i like nathan cullen’s plan for doing that
    3. i like moving the ndp and liberals to a more green place [might be a fantasy]
    4. there may be a good liberal leadership candidate who is progressively green and with respect to #1 above

    but if i do, i’m not sure trudeau is the leader for my new canada.

  2. Frankly, I’d rather see the zombie corpse of the LPC rise again and shift left (and greener, as you said) but they’ve had a really terrible run with picking leaders since Unky Paul went out to pasture, and Justine Christ isn’t going to be it.

    I am still waiting for Cullen to rise up and seize his rightful place on the Throne of #Ottawapiskat. {May also be a fantasy.] In the interim, I’m watching my inbox for goodies from Justin.

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