The Geography of Emotions, A Conversation with Colin Mills

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Saturday night, I spent almost two hours discussing the Geography of Emotions with Colin Mills. We explored the ubiquitousness of emotions, the male crisis around emotions, how emotions relate with cognition, and the betweeness of emotions.

It was a fascinating conversation about a topic with wide implications for society, culture, human relations, activism, politics as well as relation, local, regional, national and world peace.

In the podcast, Colin refers to a couple folks you can read up on here: Jonathan Heidt, a moral psychologist, and Daniel Kahneman, a behavioural economist.

And I referred to the counselling technique, EMDR.

You can listen to the MP3 file here [1:43, 94mb], or by subscribing to our podcast channel in iTunes here, and in the open source podcast site, Miro.

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