Breaking Spin Alert: Dyble Report finds mis-use of govt funds in #QuickWins

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Breaking Spin Alert: The Dyble review has found that there has been mis-use of government funds through Christy Clark’s government’s Quick Wins ethnic outreach plan, including up to $70,000.

Unsurprisingly, it appears that the blame is being pinned on Kim Haakstad and Brian Bonney, but not Clark herself, who appears to govern without information of what her staff are doing and without any background records to inform herself.  I would argue that this could be described as willing ignorance.

Stephen Smart reports that Dyble found no knowledge about the Ethnic Outreach Strategy on the part of Clark, Bloy, or Yap.

Via Twitter, here are some highlights:

  • Mis-use of government funds is alleged in a $6,800 payment authorized by John Yap.
  • Up to half of Government Communications Director Brian Bonney’s time was spent on party/partisan work while on public salary. (He received a Diamond Jubilee Medal from Harry Bloy.)
  • Bonney made $124,000 as a public employee. Up to half of that has apparently been spent on partisan activities.
  • Big issue: Sean Leslie reports that Bonney sent 1,100 emails from government email accounts to  personal email accounts including names, addresses, and phone numbers from multicultural events.
  • Shirley Bond’s staffer Mike Lee and Premier’s staffer Dave Ritchie drafted the original Ethnic Outreach plan using government resources.
  • CKNW has reported something about John Yap being cited in the report about using personal emails to avoid FOI. Unsure the specifics.
  • Quote from the report via Vaughan Palmer: Mike Lee to John Yap: “It’s critical we don’t leave any evidence.” Yap: “Good job.”
  • Per Palmer: John Yap admitted they used personal emails to avoid FOI laws.
  • Bob Mackin makes an interesting point – we may not see the background docs into this report until after the election.

Question period today should be intriguing. Starts at about 1:45pm.

More info as it becomes available. Refresh for the newest part.

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