With a majority of 4, will the BC Liberal budget pass?

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The BC legislature is debating the pre-election budget proposed by the governing BC Liberal party today, and will vote on it at around 11.45am Vancouver time.

The Liberals have a razor-slim majority in the Legislature – a total of 4 MLAs, including the Speaker who doesn’t normally vote.  Given the recent turmoil in the party, while it’s likely the budget will pass, there are still open questions about whether all the Liberals will support the Premier.

We will try to provide updates here as they happen.

(Our liveblog is being funky, so please refresh!)


The budget passes 45-38 and the house has adjourned for the afternoon.

The government lives for another day!


Two independents – Slater and Hungtington – voted in favour of the budget, passing it.


The Division Bells are ringing. Incoming vote!


DeJong says he wanted to take a moment to consider what the opposition said, but couldn’t really find a constructive alternative.


The Minister of Finance is up as the last speaker before the budget vote.


Sounds like Dix is warming up an election speech.


Dix says that this budget is tough on students, seniors, and so much more, but the BC Libs ad budget. 


I don’t anticipate the government falling on this vote.

Dix is explaining how he feels the budget is unbalanced.


Dix makes a point of thanking department MLAs for their service.

He also gives us a ten-minute warning on the budget vote.


Adrian Dix is now up on his budget speech.


Foster seems to be reminiscing about everything that’s ever happened to him. Schools now!


Eric Foster, the BC Liberal MLA who chaired the Auditor General hiring committee (remember that scandal, about three scandals ago?), is chastising the NDP for not offering enough “positive” suggestions.


A number of MLAs who are leaving politics (seems to be mostly on the Liberal side) have taken the chance through the budget debate to make ‘farewell’ speeches.


At this time, the legislature is still debating the budget. The vote is expected just before noon today, but it may shift around.

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