The Hudson’s Bay Retail Sweatshop

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Sweatshops 'R Us!
Sweatshops ‘R Us!

Ripping off employees by paying them less than a living wage [the Metro Vancouver 2013 living wage is $19,64], all to pad shareholder profits, is the glory of exploitative capitalism!

Long live capitalism!

Oh wait, what happens when your own employees can’t afford to shop at your own store?

That’s what sweatshops are like.

And that’s what The Bay has become. Sign the petition below and let The Bay and its new American owners that living wages matter!

According to its employment website, Hudson’s Bay wants to hire only sales associates with at least two years retail experience. So why is the company paying those associates only $11 an hour — not enough in many places to even put food on the table?

It’s not because the company is broke. Recently, Hudson’s Bay acquired one of America’s most exclusive clothing chains–Saks Fifth Avenue–for $2.9 billion. And now Hudson’s Bay has ambitious plans to build many new stores.

It’s time for this corporation to share some of its good fortune with the people who have made its success possible: its hardworking sales associates, department heads, switchboard operators, and human resources clerks. According to, none of those positions pays more than $13.43 an hour on average.

Tell Hudson’s Bay that success should be reflected at every level — ask them to pay their employees more respectable wages!

you have the power to create change.

Ask Hudson’s Bay to Pay Its Employees a Living Wage! – The Petition Site.

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