Useful political lessons from Down Under

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Say what you want about Kevin Rudd (and he’s not exceptionally progressive, from what I hear), but this is:

1. A great way to explain support for equal rights in marriage
2. A great way to answer a public question on the same
3. A very good explanation of how a politician can change their mind on a divisive topic
4. A reminder that changing one’s mind on such topics should not be a political liability, but should rather be considered a strength, provided that you can explain why.

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Kevin is a cooperator, an always-student, and passionate about the arts. As a principal of the Incipe Cooperative, Kevin works with colleagues in a workers' co-op offering services for advocacy and nonprofit organizations. He's passionate about education policy, having been through twenty some-odd years of schooling and still thinking it changes the world. He also thinks that art changes the world, and he works with Art for Impact to celebrate art's power for social change. A Vancouver born and raised resident who is exiled from Toronto, he constantly loses umbrellas and probably rants too much.

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