Cheap T-Shirts Keep Harper in Power

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Whenever I read stories about corporations wanting to do the right thing, I never hold my breath. Clothing corporations, the sector where “sweatshops” originates, want us to believe they care. They don’t.

Read what nonsense they are trying to peddle to get us off their back for exploiting people so we can have cheap t-shirts. Then, hold your breath for this, scroll all the way to the bottom to see how it comes all the way back to keeping Stephen Harper in power.

Start here:

Shortly before Black Friday, H&M announced that it also plans to start paying 850,000 workers at 750 factories—out of its some 1,800 total factories around the world—a fair wage by 2018. Fair-trade experts say that the announcement is a step in the right direction, but some point out that the plan has major holes. Most notably, the factories that will be covered under the fair-wage program produce just 60 percent of H&M’s products, and the company did not say whether it would eventually extend the plan to its other factories, as well.

  1. H&M won’t say how much it will pay workers in each country.
  2. H&M claims that increasing wages somehow won’t raise prices consumers pay for its clothing.
  3. The wage increase won’t affect any of H&M’s spinning mills.

H&M Plans to Pay Garment Workers Fair Wages. Here’s Why That’s Probably BS. | Mother Jones.

Now think about what kind of politician wants corporations to oppress workers, skate away with billions in profits, not pay tax and move jobs to despotic countries where there has just been a coup…then wrap it all up in the text of a free trade agreement.

Check your t-shirt label. If it says Gildan, you’re inadvertently part of the problem. If it doesn’t, you likely are anyway.

I’m not making this up. And if this bothers you, reach out to Canadians for Tax Fairness and the Maquiladora Solidarity Network to change the world!

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