SUPPORT: Auto Unions in the US and Canada are on a Roll

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With all the union busting and union bashing going on by the 1% and their compradors in government, it’s nice to see the labour movement getting some traction.

The next few days in Tennessee and Ontario could move workplace democracy and the 99% ahead significantly, with thousands of new unionized jobs to support families and communities. Here’s how.

Two huge organizing drives are going on to unionize autoworkers at two plants. Voting takes place THIS WEEK for Volkswagen workers in Tennessee to join the UAW and a multi-union pro-organizing rally for Toyota workers happens on Sunday in Kitchener to support the Unifor organizing drive.

And in the context of celebrating union-busters…

…we need to support union organizing drives!

So read below how to do that. Like the UAW Tennesse Facebook page and add in a message of support to encourage the workers. And tell everyone you know near Kitchener to get out to the rally on Sunday!

Starting Wednesday auto workers at a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee will be voting on whether to join the UAW.  This is a historic moment for the American labour movement.  Already experiencing a resurgence led by fast food, retail and migrant workers, a win in the American south in a transplant auto plant could be just the shot in the arm the labour movement there needs.

Do your part to make it all happen.  Take just a second as the vote begins and send some encouragement to the Volks employees working to build a union.  Click HERE and like their Facebook page.  Every ‘like’ helps boost morale as hundreds of UAW supporters work to get out the vote over the next few days.

Speaking of auto workers, unions and transplant manufacturers, Unifor is close to a vote at the Toyota plant in Ontario.  As the union gets closer to applying for a vote it is turning up the heat.  And other unions are coming out in support of the organizing effort.  This Sunday CUPE is organizing a solidarity rally, encouraging Toyota workers to join Unifor.  The rally is open to us all, so click HERE to see the details and to let them know you’re coming, or just let them know that you would if you could.

Thanks.  To find out how each campaign turns out and to see all the news about the labour movement in both countries just click HERE for union news from Canada and HERE for the USA.

And, as always: do some organizing of your own and pass this along.

In Sol,

Derek Blackadder
LabourStart Canada

Which campaigns have I missed?  Click here to find out.
Auto Unions in US and Canada on a Roll.

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