Corporate Media on Occupy’s Wave of Action? Crickets.

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If you want to know what the Occupy Movement wants, it’s equality: economic, political and social. That shows up in many necessary changes to society, politics and the economy.

As the movement reboots for the 3-month Wave of Action starting on Friday, Occupiers around the world are planning to re-assemble at the former Occupy sites to roll up their sleeves.

And in the lead up to the Wave, corporate media and mothercorp aren’t reporting on it. The Wave doesn’t appear to be sending out press releases, but at the same time, journalists aren’t up to speed. Or, with corporate media being corporate media, they aren’t going to report on it to avoid giving the movement any publicity. Occupy has serious problems with corporate media.

CTV isn’t reporting on it, nor is Global, nor is CBC Mothercorp. Nor is the PostMedia chain, or the FoxNewsNorth Sun folks, or the Star.

Progressive media is also missing out: The Tyee and Press Progress.

But this is just fine. It gives us time away from the crazy to get things done.

And if you’d like to join us for this Tuesday’s weekly global conference call, register here.


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